Yet to come is a musical project which has Italian and American roots.The founders, Paul and Majjo, promote the unconditional virtue of creative freedom, distancing themselves from rigid definitions of style and focusing their inspiration on the relationship between mistakes and the unexpected. It’s the dawn of a new musical genre: Lemon Funk.

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e-mail: paulandroberts9@gmail.com


phone: 3891166125 - 3482839324

website: www.yettocomemusic.com



XCAT world championship - Arona, Italy

Glocal sound - giovane musica d’autore in circuito - Off Topic, Torino, Italy

Vi.vite Festival del Vino Cooperativo - Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia, Milano, Italy

Floristeria Design week 2019 - Fabbrica del vapore, Milano, Italy



Yet To Come was born straddling the US and Italy. The founders, Paul and Majjo, met as students at the CPM Music Institute in Milan. Together, they gave birth to a musical project dedicated to freedom of expression, a project which rejects any inflexible definitions of style by uniting their divergent cultural backgrounds and previous experiences on stage. Italian ghetto rap influences fuse with traditional Italian melodic music, echoes of soul insinuate themselves in the underlying electronic sound design approach. Within the YTC universe the authors, also, merge their experiences in the fields of theatre, fashion, movie making and dance. 

Their arrangements are fruit of Paul and Majjo’s collaboration with several musicians and producers from very different musical backgrounds. This diversity gives birth not only to what they define as an open band concept but also to a whole new genre of music, called: "lemon funk". Inspired by Brian Eno, the Beatles Police and many others. This new genre is defined by the presence and the exploitation of “mistakes” in the creative process.





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This story has two starting points, Sicily and Texas.

As a ten-day-old baby, Paul leaves the town of Tyler, Texas, and embarks on his first transcontinental flight towards Italy. Every other year he and his family return to North America to go on summer-long road trips. Their car radio plays tunes by The Beatles, Funk, Soul and Blues.

When fall comes, Paul knows it’s time to go back to Italy, back to Italian Rap and back to the ghetto. His passion for theatre comes at an early age and, soon after, the force of music awakens in him, and it starts pulsating so hard in his chest that it becomes a deafening necessity. 

Majjo is five years old. She looks out of her window to contemplate the sea to the east and to the west. The castle of Milazzo, Sicily, is right in front of her. In her house there is all the chaos that comes with a family of artists, who gravitate around the fields of music, fashion and dance. Majjo dives right into the three art forms, exploring each of them uninterruptedly at home and on stage.

After her degree, she works in fashion and travels all around the world. She soon longs for music, which she had temporarily set aside, and decides to go back to it.

At this point in the story, the city of Milan becomes the main character, because it represents, for both Paul and Majjo, a new setting in which they can fulfill their ambitions. It is here that Paul and Majjo meet in the classrooms of one the leading music schools in Italy and where they found the Yet To Come project. From that moment on, their shared approach to creativity becomes a constant. The artistic freedom that YTC has explored from its inception disregards definitions of genre and reflects the founders’ colorful and complex backgrounds. To cap this whole creative voyage through creative liberty the two artists coin a new expression, which is finally able to outline the traits of this new musical genre: the birth of Lemon Funk. Nothing is off limits in the land of Lemon Funk, except for the fear of making mistakes. Beating unpaved musical paths produces unexpected sonic experiences and courageous solutions, which might be unusual, but that are always catchy and impactful. Lemon funk takes it’s inspiration from The Beatles, Police, Brian Eno and many more, while at the same time marching to the beat of it’s own drum and ignoring pre-existing labels.

Yet To Come collaborates with many musicians who come from different and, often, divergent, musical backgrounds. This "dynamic band concept" accelerates artistic fusion and gives way to the project’s instrumentalists, co-authors and co-producers to express themselves more freely.  

Not only YTC’s music, but also the music videos are self-produced, and for the time being the project has chosen to remain independent from record labels.

In October 2016 Paul and Majjo got married. In the short run, they both worked part time jobs, in the fields of education and perfumery, to be able to support themselves economically in the most expensive city in Italy, without ever setting their project aside.

As of now they have both resigned from their part-time jobs and are focusing solely on their music.


A special thanks goes to the musicians and producers who contributed to the production of our songs:

  • Marcello Grilli - co-production, mix e mastering;

  • Giuseppe Chiara - guitars and synth;

  • Angelo Piana - composition, piano, keys and arrangement;

  • Giovanni Agosti - piano and keys;

  • Tommaso Ferrarese - mix;

  • Bruno Cucè - bass;

  • Giuseppe Calderone - bass;

  • Claudio Damiano - drums;

  • Guglielmo Valenti - drums;

  • Pasquale Guarro - drums;

  • Claudio Vittori - electronic drums, mix.